by Consumer Reports on Saturday October 25, 2014

Yes, Virginia, there is a holiday gift you can buy for less than $25.

We know that families have to stick to a holiday-time budget, and often that includes a few inexpensive gifts. We've plucked from our Ratings some low-cost yet substantial items to add to your list. All of these are less than $25.

Looking to spend a bit more? We've assembled a list of best gifts under $200 and under $50.

Remember to visit our Holiday Gift Ideas & Guide over the coming weeks. You'll find all of our gift recommendations and shopping advice, including tips on ways to save.

Check out our gift ideas for mom, dadgrandparentskids, and teenagers.

Chocolate: Christopher Elbow 21-Piece Collection ($42)

Not the typical, mainstream chocolate and not for the faint of heart. Artistic looking, ultra-smooth chocolate houses an array of bold, unusual flavor combinations such as buttery caramels that taste of rosemary or balsamic vinegar. Well-blended with a notable flavor variety.

Dip in to our chocolate buying guide.

Headphones: Panasonic RP-TCM12 ($10)

Given its $10 price and very good sound, these headphones make a great gift—especially if the giftee is known to lose pricier earphones. You can also splurge on two, a primary and a spare.

Learn more about what to look for when purchasing headphones with our buying guide.

Phone mount: iOttie HCLRIO102 ($20)

Among the suction-cup mounts, the iOttie HCLRIO102 ($20) stood out in our tests. It was stable, convenient, and attractively priced. As a universal mount, it should fit a wide variety of phones.

Read our report on phone mounts for cars. Also: check out our buying guide on cell phones and services.

Toaster: Proctor-Silex Cool-Touch 22203 ($15)

Someone in your life must need a new toaster. Anyone moving into a first apartment? This $15 model makes toast nearly as well as top-rated models costing two and three times as much.

Read our toaster buying guide for more information on how to select a toaster.

Tire-pressure gauge: Accutire MS-4400B ($11)

Car buff on your list? Maybe someone with his or her first car? This is an invaluable piece of safety equipment. Durable, accurate, and easy to use, this stick-type pressure gauge measures tires’ air pressure from 5 to 99 PSI. The similar Accutire MS-4021B goes for about $10 and measures pressure up to 150 PSI.

Check our buying guide and Ratings for tire-pressure gauges.

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